eye serum reduces fine lines. Rich, revitalizing serum, enhances moisture retention for radiant younger looking skin.
Boosts cellular renewal and promotes smooth even skin tone. Apply a few drops around eye area, once or twice a day.
size: 1oz/30ml » sku #091861


100% pure moroccan argan oil for the hair and body. Cold pressed extra virgin / omega 6 & 9 - Anti-frizz, smooth, adds shine, nutrients  and elasticity to hair. Skin benefits; moisturizing, wrinkle reduction, ph balancing, anti-acne, and reduces fine lines. Supper food for hair and body.
Apply small amount to ends of hair or body. size: 1oz/30ml » sku # 091862


bare foot & hand rich in tea tree for tissue repair, great for softening cuticles, palms and heals. Relieves athletes foot, nail fungus and dry skin. Gently massage onto hands and feet. size: .5oz/15ml  » sku #091875


lip fix nourish & moisten your lips. Renew dry, cracked and weathered lips, while creating soft supple lips. Avocado oil has natural spf properties. 
Apply to the lips in gentle strokes, and use often.                                                                                                                                                   size: .125oz/3.8ml » sku # 091865  


our garlic infused Olive Oil using fresh harvested garlic from Gilroy, California. To create this extraordinary full flavored and perfectly balanced olive oil, using only the freshest ingredients in precise proportions.
size: 500 ml bottle » sku # 090687


meyer lemon "infused” extra virgin olive oil Tart, sweet and refreshing
Gold Medal Blend uses hand-picked fresh Meyer Lemons that are cold pressed within hours of harvest. This creates a fragrant lemon olive oil that is extremely smooth and bursting with sweet lemon flavor.
size: 500 ml bottle » sku # 090686

hair dew scalp & hair remedy. Creates a thermal protection, and adds intense shine. Beautifully calms and softens dry, curly, frizzy, and coarse hair. Apply small amount before blow-drying or using flat iron.
Use as an overnight treatment by apply to scalp and hair, shampoo in the morning.
size: 2oz/60ml » Sku # 091873


rash buster skin treatment This olive oil enrichened ointment is designed to relieve the effects of
dry skin, burns, diaper rash, insect bites and athletes foot. Can be used on babies or adults.
Spread lightly on affected area 2 or 3 times daily.                                                                                                                                                     size:  2oz/60ml » sku # 091872


Kistler's Olive Oil

cheek to cheek®  nourishing face moisturizer. Richly moistens and restores skin to a natural healthy state.
Naturally providing effective nutrition to the face. Apply small amount, gently massage the face and neck.
size: .5oz/15ml » sku # 091874


revive salve fortified with turmeric, a natural anti-inflamitory. Promotes a natural process to restore thin and bruised mature skin.
Relieve skin conditions including acne, scars, cold sores, canker sores, itching, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.
Popular after tattoo treatment. Apply to problematic areas of the skin as needed.
size: 2oz/60ml » sku # 091868

kinsman premium organic extra virgin olive oil  Aromatic, smooth with a distinct presence.                                             size: 500 ml bottle » sku # 090684     size: 750 ml bottle » sku # 090689

balsamic vinegar fig “infused” Fresh hand picked California figs perfectly infused with 16 year barrel-aged balsamic vinegar, crafts this perfect blend. Award winning California fig infused balsamic vinegar.
size 250ml  » sku # 090690


face cream medley for normal skin. Fortified with Avocado oil to create a natural sun screen.
Naturally softens face, keeping skin looking young. Apply small amount, gently massage the face and neck.                                                           size: .5oz/15ml » sku # 091859


sugar buff exfoliant This all natural rub utilizes the glycolic acid effect of pure sugar, therefore producing a natual collagan.
Exfoliate, polish face and body to a soft radiant glow. Scoop a small amount, massage onto skin, rinse and follow with moisturizer.                     size 8oz/237ml  » sku # 091857


lush lotion lemon grass for thirsty skin. Treat yourself with the most luxurious lotion ever.
Instantly softens, leaving skin with a lustrous finish. Rejuvenate skin after sun and wind exposer, enriched with vitamin E.
Apply to body in gentle strokes.
size 8oz/237ml  » sku # 091869                      


Why do we also sell OLIVE OIL? It close to 40% of the main ingredient in our skin care.

Cross marketing reinforces to consumers that our Kistler's OLIVE OIL based SKIN CARE is naturally high in Vitamin E and when precisely blended with essential oils it offers amazing healing capacities. We feel blessed to be in the business of dispensing Olive Oil and Olive Oil infused skin care- nature's antioxidant fighter for your skin and equally beneficial for your insides in Extra Virgin Olive Oil form.